Governance risk and compliance

NIS2: what does it mean and how do you become compliant?

In the fifth episode of The Wide Open, we welcome two experts, Jasper Hooft and Thomas Dejagere, who delve deeper into the NIS2 Directive within…

The NIS2 Directive and Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) Explained

The NIS2 Directive and Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) Explained. Toreonites Maxim Baele and Leander Karuranga dive into the intricacies of the EU’s latest cybersecurity initiatives.…

Navigating the First 3 Months: 5 Steps to a Successful Career as a New CISO

This blog will help you with navigating the first 3 months as a new CISO through 5 steps


Ensuring the protection of sensitive customer data and the IT infrastructure of Dewaele through VLAIO.

Taking a glimpse at the ISO 21434 standard

Toreonite Siebe De Roovere takes a look at the new ISO 21434 standard created for the automotive industry.

The Cybersecurity Booster Shot

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at an all time high. Now is the time to protect your organization.

4 phases of an ISO27001 Information Security Management System implementation.

The benefits of obtaining an ISO27001 certificate are starting to appeal more and more for companies. Find out how Toreon can help you obtain it.

Toreon first in Belgium to achieve Advanced Specialization in Information Protection

Microsoft has recognized our level of expertise and awarded us this new level of partnership.

Email bomb alert! The dangers of the “forgot password“ page

Learn more about email bombing and how to protect your organization against it.

Increase the maturity of the GDPR implementation in your hospital

Toreon takes a look at the challenges organizations, hospitals in particular, face when implementing GDPR.

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