HR Service Providers

HR Service Providers

Security supports fast and compliant digitization

Reducing the privacy compliance burden and enabling secure digitalization.

As an HR service provider, helping job seekers find work and companies find the right candidate is your primary goal. You train employees, help develop their competences, and guide their careers.
Whatever your role in the HR landscape, handling personal data is a must—and volumes of it, too! The challenge is to maximize the data’s value while complying with privacy regulations and applying cybersecurity best practices.
We tackle two critical business challenges to manage this balance:
  • Digital innovation is the main driver behind value creation in the HR sector. Off-the-shelf software is past its prime. For optimal service delivery, software is created in-house. The development of custom software allows you to accelerate towards a more future-proof, mobile, user-friendly service delivery—but only secure applications keep your customers data safe. 
  • Most HR companies have embraced the cloud. This enables remote collaboration between different branches within the organization. Moving from theoretical privacy policies to real-life security and compliance requires actual linking and activating Information Classification and Data Protection Controls.
of employers don't train all of their HR personnel in protecting employee data.

How Toreon protects Innovation and Data

Toreon helps you set a strategy to protect information and digital assets. We assist you in creating a detailed roadmap for a secure digital future.
We know how to protect data no matter where it resides:
  • Our application security team teaches developers to create secure applications. We introduce and coach “Security & Privacy by Design,” through techniques like Threat Modeling, ongoing penetration testing, and coding guidelines. Our approach initiates a true “shift left” in application security.
  • Our Cloud Security Team looks at data, as the name implies, in the cloud. A certified Microsoft partner, we focus on Security and Compliance with up-to-date knowhow. Not only will you better understand the types of data you have, where and how it should be stored, but you will learn proper data handling so that it does not end in the wrong hands.
Finally, our Governance, Risk & Compliance experts help you synthesize the information and implement proper procedures. We provide security governance, helping to make sure the correct security rules are applied. If needed, we can even able to help you become ISO27001 certified.

Maturity assessment and roadmap

Comparing your current position against international standards reveals critical insight into your organization’s security health. We devise a maturity target that is in line with your strategy and capacity for risk.
Our work culminates in mapping out a detailed plan to reach the desired security level.
Threat Modeling Insider edition

Ethical Hacking

We can test your infrastructure, Internet and systems exposure, cloud setup or specific applications.
Our expert-generated business reports can be used for management discussions and third-party verifications.
Critical HR systems receive particular care.

Security Office as a Service

Stabilizing security efforts is not the responsibility of any one person; trusted advisors have an entire crew of support. Our security service is an excellent option for those who need essential security without a full-time CISO. CISOs, on the other hand, can take advantage of a robust security office with a wide range of expertise available when needed.

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