Security-by-design supports safely connected vehicles by managing supply chain risk, reducing systems complexity, and creating compliance with industry regulations.

Cybersecurity as Business Enabler

Cybersecurity has become the new dimension of quality in which Automotive OEMs and their digital suppliers must excel. Regulators impose new regulations on cybersecurity and over-the-air software updates. These regulations are translated by industry standards, such as ISO21434, into concrete operational and technical requirements for the entire product development lifecycle -from development to production and after-sales – in terms of cybersecurity and software updates.

How we accelerate your business

Toreon has an international reputation when it comes to security compliance and security by design. This makes us the ideal partner to tackle the following challenges:
  • Executing Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments (TARA): TARA is a requirement of the ISO SAE 21434 standard. The standard requires organizations to apply risk management in all phases of product development. We ensure ‘security by design’ through threat modeling. Threat modeling is the methodology for assessing security risks from the concept and design phase of software development onwards. It is therefor ideally suited as a methodology for executing TARAs.
  • Product Security: We embed security best practices into every phase of your software development lifecycle. This facilitates security by design without slowing down your release cycles. Included are activities such as penetration testing, SAST/DAST tooling, security champion coaching, …
  • Implementation of Applicable Cyber Security Standards (ISO21434, ISO27001): We implement cybersecurity management systems based on known industry standards, allowing you to demonstrate compliance to interested stakeholders, as well as structurally embed processes and controls to create safe and secure products.

Automotive Security Solutions

Threat Modeling (aka TARA)

Threat Modeling is a structured approach for conducting automotive Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments (TARA).
It allows us to identify and evaluate system threats, potential vulnerabilities and mitigating controls of a designed solution. It allows us to consider, document, and assess the security implications of conceptual designs on all layers of the solution

ISO21434/27001 certification

Implementation of a security management system based on industry standards, allowing you to demonstrate compliance to interested stakeholders as well as structurally embed processes and controls to create safe and secure products.
The standard can be implemented as internal management tool and to obtain the certificate.


Based on ISO21434 and OWASP SAMM, our methodology is designed to assess, formulate, and implement strategies for better software security.
We support the Shift Left principle – in order to be truly effective, security practices should be integrated within all phases of software development.

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