Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Security accelerating your business in the cloud

Cloud security is basic security. For most organizations, cloud workloads are already a part of their infrastructure. As you move workloads to the cloud, you have to rethink your security too. Modern Cloud Security is based on a Zero Trust strategy.
We are a Microsoft Security Gold partner that can accelerates your digital journey. Our Security Architects and Governance experts are certified in Microsoft 365 and Azure Security. We help you to go to the Microsoft cloud securely, to find and mitigate risk, and to keep control of your important assets, and of course to be compliant.

Zero-Trust assessment

We developed our Zero-Trust assessment service to start your cloud security journey. We help you to get a better view of your security posture. We assess every dimension of your Microsoft Cloud setup and create a clear view of where you stand today and what you should improve. Our evaluation is based on standards and best practices, but tuned to your specific needs.

Identity and Endpoint protection

Our Identity service helps you to get a better view of your identity security posture.
Identity is the heartbeat of all services that your organization, teams and users rely on. Identity is at the heart of Zero Trust cybersecurity. Start assessing your Identity & Endpoint maturity, define your priorities and empower your security defenders with best practices to keep one step ahead.

Cloud Information Protection and Compliance

Our GRC experts use all of the available tools in the M365 and Azure platforms to improve and monitor your data security. We are able to make your security policies come alive by implementing them in the M365 and Azure environments. This way, we can truly make them enforceable. Then we monitor and improve governance and compliance on a daily basis, ever-improving your information protection and compliance posture.

Why our customers rely on Toreon product and services

Unlike traditional IT partners, we are 100% focused on Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk and Compliancy.

We are the only digital security coach who is fully dedicated to empower organizations, teams, people who see security as an enabler for digital transformation & resilient growth. We are ahead of the curve: we deploy the latest innovation in security solutions to guide our customers and partners in Belgium and abroad to a higher security & privacy level. That’s how we create trust in our digital society.


Toreon provides solutions for your organisation to take control of cyber risk and improve your security posture.  


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