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A day in the life of Eric De Smedt

This week Eric De Smedt, one of our senior cybersecurity consultants, shows you what his business day looks like.

Increase the maturity of the GDPR implementation in your hospital

Toreon takes a look at the challenges organizations, hospitals in particular, face when implementing GDPR.

From 0 to domain admin in only 5 minutes

Learn why your LLMNR feature should be disabled on all devices in order to mitigate an LLMNR poisoning attack.

The fresh trainee of Bell-Toreon

Check out how Matthias perceived his first months at Toreon.

ISO27001 Security Management – Belgium starts closing the gap!
ISO27001 Security Management – Belgium starts closing the gap! Information is by and large the “lifeline” of the modern organization…
First month at Toreon

Discover how Jonas experienced his first month working for Toreon.

Privacy proof your phone

Discover what Google does with your data and how to avoid it.

Accelerating growth with a majority stake in Data Protection Institute

Toreon adds extra fuel to its growth through a majority investment in training offered by the Data Protection Institute (DPI).

Increased number of cyber incidents in the maritime industry

The number of cyber incidents in the maritime industry is rising rapidly. Find out how we can help.

You are being tracked!

What exactly are cookies and how do they work?


With the assistance of Toreon, Lynxcare got ISO 27001 certified for its overall security management.


Out of the red zone thanks to Toreon’s full security service

TMI newsletter 13 – Threat modeling: what are we modeling, exactly?

In this months newsletter: A guest article by Brook Schoenfield, Webinar on 10 September: Up your game with the Threat Modeling…

Will distributed electricity production increase cybersecurity risks?

Will we be more or less resilient to cyberattacks with distributed production facilities?

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