Presentation “Embedding GDPR in the SDLC” available for download

Last week Thursday we delivered our presentation “Embedding GDPR in the SDLC” at the OWASP AppSec Europe conference in Belfast. The presentation is the outcome of various projects where we encounter both privacy and application security challenges. Siebe De Roovere (one of our privacy specialists) and myself have worked on integrating GDPR compliance requirements in…


Toreon teams up with AIOTI to improve security awareness in the IoT space


We at Toreon have a strong focus on the security of Internet of Things (IoT). During our technical assessments, it became clear that a lot of IoT devices are built without basic security in mind. The principle of security by design seems farfetched. That is why we decided to join AIOTI and become actively involved…

7 ways to create trust by implementing the GDPR


The GDPR brings many challenges, but it is also an opportunity to create and leverage customer trust. When people trust a brand, they are more likely to recommend it and are even willing to pay more for its products or services, studies show. This is especially true in data-driven industries. So when companies whose main…

React to incidents in an organised way by using the Playbook model


Imagine that someone detects a breach in one of your systems. How would you react? Would you dig into a all of your network and host logs immediately? Or would you contain the situation first, by disconnecting the machine(s) from the network? Actually, you shouldn’t just start thinking about these questions when the incident has already occurred. Incident response…


Three recommendations to protect your data

Data Protection

In a previous blog we shared 7 common recommendations to protect your systems. Now, let’s look at 3 recommendations to protect your data. Make backups and be able to restore systems and data Can you ever be 100% sure you have completely cleaned up a compromised system after a breach? The only answer is no.…