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TMI newsletter 19 – The Role of Tooling in Threat Modeling

In this edition, we find out the role of tooling in threat modeling, and more!

Sebastien Deleersnyder is the Cybersecurity Personality of 2022!

Our co-founder and CTO has been crowned The Cybersecurity Personality of the Year. Read more on this award and why…

Adapting risk calculation to your needs

The core idea behind risk calculation is that it should allow an organization to score different elements in an objective,…

TMI newsletter 17 – Threat Modeling can be considered as fun as cooking a good PASTA meal.

For this edition, we selected a variety of threat modeling content for you. From PASTA to SDWAN and everything in…

Creating a security culture in partnership with Phished

We are happy to announce that we are working with Phished as our partner to bring security awareness to our clients.

Examining attack tree tools, how do they compare?

In this article we tackle two Attack Tree tools and comepare them. Are they worth using or not?

How to protect your organization from application consent attacks

Microsoft has been warning organizations for so called consent phishing attacks, we explain what these attacks are and how we…

How to implement application risk profiling

In just 3 steps, we show you how to implement application risk profiling sucessfully in your organization.

Implementing security requirements to ‘shift left’ and create ‘secure by design’ software

In this blog, we take a look at why good security requirements are important and how these should be constructed.

Taking a glimpse at the ISO 21434 standard

Toreonite Siebe De Roovere takes a look at the new ISO 21434 standard created for the automotive industry.

TMI newsletter 16 – We need an army of threat modelers

This edition contains various fields in which Threat Modeling can play a significant role: MDR, AI/ML, Automation, Pentesting and User…

Even the largest game development studios are a target

Even the largest game development studios are not spared from cyber attacks as Ubisoft was recently hacked. 

TMI newsletter 15 – Threat Modeling Benefits Everyone

Check out our guest article written by Ken Van Wyck on how Threat Modeling can benefit everyone in the Dev…

4 Insights on the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on cyber threats in Belgium

Many organizations are worried about the cyber security implications for their own security of the war in Ukraine and if…

How Threat Modeling improves Pentesting
In this article we will cover how Threat Modeling improves Pentesting. It is the fourth article in a series about…
Toreon once again nominated as Trends Gazellen

Toreon is honored to once again be nominated as a ‘Trends Gazelle’ in the province of Antwerp. 

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