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Day in the Life: Thomas Heyman Step into the shoes of Thomas Heyman, a dedicated cybersecurity consultant, as we explore a typical

A CISO is the last line of defence to protect your assets. What’s the CISO’s role? And what makes a good CISO?

Tech companies go through 3 stages. Which cybersecurity issues do they face at each stage? We cover it all on this edition of The Wide…

The NIS2 Directive and Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) Explained. Toreonites Maxim Baele and Leander Karuranga dive into the intricacies of the EU’s latest cybersecurity initiatives.…

In this Summer edition, Brook Schoenfield shares his insights on a wider adoption of threat modeling practices, in terms of tech challenges, risk problems, leadership,…

Toreon is pleased to announce a new partnership with NFIR, a Dutch leader in incident response and digital forensics

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