Public Sector

Public Sector

Security supports digital government

Protecting our citizens' rights

Government guard our safety, security and privacy. But citizens are increasingly interfacing with government agencies online. In the digital age, our data is more distributed and more accessible than ever.
Online government services are under fire from criminals as well as nation states. Protecting them is vital. The Cybersecurity Center of Belgium (CCB) has vowed to make Belgium the least vulnerable nation in Europe by 2025. But the public sector competes with the private sector for scarce professional resources.
Moving infrastructure to a secured cloud is one part of the puzzle. But data security and compliance can’t be outsourced. Cooperation with private sector experts in a flexible working model is essential for reaching our security and compliance goals.

How Toreon secures public services

Toreon creates and supports information security programs for medium and large size government services. We help to set up a security strategy that aligns to the goals of the organization. We then activate that policy in the technologies the agency uses.
Freelancers can come and go. Our services provide stability to your information security efforts. We package our services to provide our expert knowledge as efficiently as possible. We combine the knowledge of our experts, to make sure you have access to all the skills you need.
If needed, we take all of your security on our hands, with our ‘Security Office as a Service’.

Some of our references

How Toreon secures public services

Security Office as a Service

We help to create the security roadmap, create projects, identify issues and then get to work.
Our service is not a ‘one man show’. You get trusted advisors that have a whole crew to support them, providing stability to your security efforts. This service is perfect for those that need ‘essential security’ but don’t want or need a full time CISO. Or for CISOs who want a security office with all the expertise they may need, available at will.

Cloud Security and Compliance

Discover how our Cloud Security and Compliance team uses all the tools already available to you in your cloud tenant, to truly protect and control information flows.
We create policies to protect identities and data and make those work in your cloud setup.
Discover if you are eligible for sponsored workshops to configure IAM and protect data in the Microsoft Cloud. 

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