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Security supports patient care

Keeping patients safe and their privacy protected

The hospital of today is in a perfect storm: technology is leaping ahead, patients demand better services, great new health challenges sweep the world, while legal compliance is getting more demanding. Hackers know how critical your systems are and take advantage. . With 40% of healthcare related companies falling victim to  ransomware, there is a measurable impact on patient care from cyber events.
In the end, it’s always about the patient. To protect them, their privacy and their comfort, cybersecurity is now front and center. Governments have taken note and have finally backed up increased legal requirements with some very necessary funding.
Typical problems to tackle are: 
  • getting a grip on procurement, forcing suppliers to supply secure software
  • properly protecting vulnerable legacy medical devices
  • putting policies in place to be compliant to government rules, including rules for critical infrastructure and privacy
  • providing ever more digital access to doctors, partners, patients and suppliers in a secure way
of healthcare providers affected by ransomware

How Toreon secures healthcare providers

Toreon always starts from the strategy of the business to create a security program. We use international standards to create a roadmap for improving security maturity. All a pace that fits the organization. These necessary improvements set the stage for later compliance to regulatory pressures from NIS2 and other regulations.
Many hospitals don’t have a dedicated professional security officer or have someone juggling multiple responsibilities. Our Security Office as a Service provides the solution to both. We make sure all essential security services are covered, using security experts that understand your business. We make sure the essential security controls are covered. Then we create the improvement projects to reach a higher level.
We understand that security is not a project, but a journey. And we are in it for the long run.

Maturity assessment and roadmap

We use international standards to assess your current status. We come up with a target maturity, benchmarked to other healthcare providers and linked to your organization’s strategy and risk appetite.
Then we create a roadmap for attaining that desired security level.
Threat Modeling Insider edition

Ethical Hacking

We can test your infrastructure, internet exposed systems, cloud setup or specific  applications. We take particular care around critical medical systems.
Our experts create reports that are business oriented and can be used for management discussions and 3rd party verifications. 

Security Office as a Service

Our service is not a ‘one man show’. You get trusted advisors that have a whole crew to support them, providing stability to your security efforts. This service is perfect for those that need ‘essential security’ but don’t want or need a full time CISO. Or for CISOs who want a security office with all the expertise they may need, available at will.

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