Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Align your everyday choices in technology with the actual business needs

At Toreon, Security Architects are coaches. We steer you towards best possible outcomes in security risk protection by aligning your everyday technology choices with actual business needs. Our vast experience in IT risk detection helps you make smart decisions when it comes to secure technology. We can improve your security maturity through robust and up-to-date IT processes.

Our security architects are cloud security architects.
Our vision is one of Zero Trust. Whether your operations are on site or in the Microsoft M365 and Azure clouds, we take a futureproof approach. We combine proven IT architecture methodologies, such as TOGAF and SABSA, with the latest technology.

Make your security policy stick

Security architecture allows you to integrate your security policy into day-to-day operations and projects. It helps to solidify your security policies.

Security Architecture is product agnostic and embeds security thinking throughout the processes and technology. As a result, your technology choices systematically comply with your organization’s cybersecurity risk management.

Implement technology the right way – the secure way

Our Security Architects coach you to make better choices in technology and to make security considerations part of a successful process.

We help you implement technology the right way–the secure way. We provide recommendations on security technology and configuration. Most importantly, we establish the needed security vision and risk management expertise to each IT architecture practice.

Our senior architects coach your internal champions to increase their job performance by turning you IT architects into security architects

Our range of services and deliverables include:

  • Designing secure systems and applications
  • Identifying security and privacy risks, prior to writing a single line of code or selecting a product
  • Integrating Threat Modeling as the standard in system and application security-by-design—and we will teach you how to do it, too.
  • Creating standards and procedures based on security policy and other guidelines such as ISO27001, NIST, IEC62443, and others.


Toreon provides solutions for your organisation to take control of cyber risk and improve your security posture.  


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