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Cybersecurity: crucial in supply chain logistics

On Thursday, Feb. 28, cyber experts will meet at Log!ville in Niel, and give talks on various cybersecurity topics relevant for the logistic industry

Unlocking the Power of Threat Modeling: A Self-Paced Introduction for Stakeholders

Threat modeling is a vital aspect of software development and cybersecurity, but it can be a challenge to fully understand its importance and how to…

Protecting the front door to your Microsoft cloud environment

As businesses continue to shift towards cloud-based operations, it’s crucial to ensure that your online systems access is properly secured. One key tool is Conditional…

2/2/23 – Toreon Cybersecurity Café

We’re proud to announce our Cybersecurity Café! Read more about it.

An interview on threat modeling with ChatGPT

Steven takes a look at the popular ChatGPT, is it as impressive as people say?

The benefits of a continuous assessment mindset of your cybersecurity posture

In this blog, we cover continuous assessment and the benefits that it brings to the table.

How To Jumpstart Your Cybersecurity career

Trainee Yael shares some tips on how to jumpstart your career in cybersecurity.

Sebastien Deleersnyder is the Cybersecurity Personality of 2022!

Our co-founder and CTO has been crowned The Cybersecurity Personality of the Year. Read more on this award and why they chose Sebastien.

Adapting risk calculation to your needs

The core idea behind risk calculation is that it should allow an organization to score different elements in an objective, repeatable manner. However, these parameters…

Creating a security culture in partnership with Phished

We are happy to announce that we are working with Phished as our partner to bring security awareness to our clients.

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