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Software Development: a few focus points

Software development: A few focus points For the second episode of our in-house podcast ʽThe Wide Open’, Siebe De Roovere welcomes Steven Wierckx, Application Security…

TMI newsletter 26 – The AI Attack Surface Map

In our May edition of the TMI newsletter we show off The AI Attack Surface Map, a resource for thinking about the various attack surfaces…

OWASP SAMM Threat Modeling: From Good to Great

In this blog post, we will explore how OWASP SAMM threat modeling can take security practices from “good” to “great” in implementing a robust Secure…

Cloud security & compliance to accelerate your growth

Cloud security & compliance to accelerate your growth Cloud computing has become an integral part of business today. In Toreon’s first in-house podcast, Siebe De…

TMI newsletter 25 – Developer-driven threat modeling at OutSystems

In this edition, we get a take a look at the Developer-driven threat modeling at OutSystems

Navigating the First 3 Months: 5 Steps to a Successful Career as a New CISO

This blog will help you with navigating the first 3 months as a new CISO through 5 steps

Lessons from Microsoft’s Azure App Misconfiguration

Toreonite Jasper Baes takes a look at the Microsoft’s Azure App Misconfiguration and sums up what we can learn from it.

The added benefit to early threat modeling that nobody talks about.

Toreonite Georges goes over the added benefit organizations can have when starting their threat modeling at an early stage of their development cycle.

The Importance of Accurate Notes During Threat Model Meetings

In this blog, junior consultant Cesar explains the proces of notetaking during Threat Modeling assessment meetings.

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