The Wide Open

The Cyber Resilience Act: what it means for your company

The CRA promotes innovation and cybersecurity in European digital products. Learn how your company can comply with applicable standards.

NIS2: what does it mean and how do you become compliant?

In the fifth episode of The Wide Open, we welcome two experts, Jasper Hooft and Thomas Dejagere, who delve deeper into the NIS2 Directive within…

The challenges of a CISO

A CISO is the last line of defence to protect your assets. What’s the CISO’s role? And what makes a good CISO?

Cybersecurity in the 3 growth stages of technology companies

Tech companies go through 3 stages. Which cybersecurity issues do they face at each stage? We cover it all on this edition of The Wide…

Software Development: a few focus points

Planning to develop your own application? You might want to consider the many possible pitfalls. We explain them in this article.

Cloud security & compliance to accelerate your growth

Want to integrate a cloud solution without a strategy? That’s risky. Check out what you need to do to grow your business safely with cloud…

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