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TMI newsletter 13 – Threat modeling: what are we modeling, exactly?

Check out our guest article by Koen Yskout and a Toreon blog post covering 7 key learning principles to create our future threat modeling training

TMI newsletter 12 – Keys to successful privacy threat modeling

Discover a guest article by Kim Wuyts covering “Keys to successful privacy threat modeling” and an update on our Threat Modeling Playbook.

TMI newsletter 11 Threat Modeling Definition of Done

In this months newsletter: A guest article by Brook Schoenfield, Webinar on 10 September: Up your game with the Threat Modeling Playbook ,A tip on “DREAD…

TMI newsletter 10 Scaling Up Threat Modeling

In this months newsletter: A guest article by Mikko Saario, Tip of the month, Curated resources covering threat modeling machine learning, A white paper on…

FDA recommends Threat Modeling as Cybersecurity Risk Assessment methodology

We’ve created a whitepaper, in collaboration with experts from the medical device community, to highlight how Threat Modeling can be applied in your field.

Threat modeling in 4 steps

Threat modeling is performed through a series of workshops. Architects, developers and system administrators are guided through the threat modeling process. It is the primary…

5 tips for safe teleworking

More and more Belgian workers are now working from home to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. That is why it is important that…

Cybersecurity is still too often overlooked in business strategy

Apart from knowledge of GDPR, no BEL20 board member has a clear background in information and cybersecurity. This can be seen in a profile analysis…

Embedding GDPR in the secure development lifecycle (SDLC)

Did you know that the GDPR and SDLC re-inforce each other and that the GDPR can be used as the ideal business case to start…

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