TMI newsletter 15 – Threat Modeling Benefits Everyone

Check out our guest article written by Ken Van Wyck on how Threat Modeling can benefit everyone in the Dev team.

4 Insights on the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on cyber threats in Belgium

Many organizations are worried about the cyber security implications for their own security of the war in Ukraine and if and how they should boost…

How Threat Modeling improves Pentesting
In this article we will cover how Threat Modeling improves Pentesting. It is the fourth article in a series about Threat Modeling. Read previous articles…
Toreon once again nominated as Trends Gazellen

Toreon is honored to once again be nominated as a ‘Trends Gazelle’ in the province of Antwerp. 

50 Critical questions to ask about digitalization

IT and digitalization needs to become a bigger priority for boards. These 50 critical questions prove why.

The Cybersecurity Booster Shot

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at an all time high. Now is the time to protect your organization.

New cybersecurity project to decrease online vulnerability

Toreon and two other Flemish technology and services companies and three research groups have started working on the APAX project.

Threat Modeling vs. Pentesting

This article explains the difference between Threat Modeling and Penetration Testing. It is the third article in a series about Threat Modeling.

TMI newsletter 14 – Threat Modeling Redefined: The Self-Serve Threat Model

Check out our guest article by Jeevan Saini and a Toreon blog post covering 7 key learning principles to create our future threat modeling training

9 benefits of Threat Modeling

9 benefits of Threat Modeling is the second post in a series to educate those who are interested in a first experience with Threat Modeling

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