26/05/21 – Toreon Seminar : Cybersecurity Grants for Flemish SME

Toreon Seminar : Cybersecurity Grants for Flemish SME

On May 26, Toreon gave an online seminar on cybersecurity grants for Flemish SME. During this free seminar we showcased how your SME can benefit from cybersecurity grants to identify and manage your security risks and sustainably increase your security maturity.

We focused on how to identify and prioritize security risks, how to integrate security into your business operations in a structural way and we explained the possibilities and conditions for applying for subsidies.

Toreon is recognized as a service provider by the Flemish Agency for Innovation & Enterprise (VLAIO). The Agency wants to sharpen the maturity of SMEs around cybersecurity and offers up to 45% grants to undertake a security trajectory from Toreon. 

Revisit our online seminar

If you missed this seminar or would like to take another look at the slides, you can download them here.


The importance of information security for SMEs

There are many benefits, but also risks, associated with information technology. For example, hackers, competitors and malicious employees can damage your business in many ways.


What do Belgian SMEs know about the GDPR and how can Toreon help?

A large number of the companies surveyed believe they have sufficient theoretical knowledge of what personal data is and how it can be processed according to the GDPR. However research suggests otherwise.


Want to know if your company is eligible for a grant?

VLAIO’s cybersecurity improvement projects were created to raise awareness of the importance of Cyber Security and to give SMEs the tools to start a Security Journey.

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