10/06/21 – Toreon Seminar : Develop a security culture

Toreon Seminar : Develop a security culture

On June 10, Toreon gave an online seminar together with Hoxhunt and Lineas on the importance of a security culture in an organization.

Our co-founder & Business Development Manager, Wouter Avondstondt, spoke about the importance of a security culture for organizations while Christophe Rome, CISO at Lineas, explained how Hoxhunt helped Lineas create a safer security culture.

To end things off, Juha Heikkilä, who is the Partnerships Director for Hoxhunt, gave a live demo to explain the benefits of adding a gamification factor to a security program.

Revisit our online seminar

If you missed this seminar or would like to take another look at the slides, contact us and we’ll send them your way.


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