The Fog of More

The Fog of More

How can we create a sound security strategy that increases our security maturity and expenditure to the optimal level, while taking into account our business objectives and the increasing cybersecurity threats?

Let’s start with some good news. We have access to an extraordinary array of security tools and technology, standards, training and classes, certifications, vulnerability databases, guidance, best practices, catalogs of security controls, countless checklists, benchmarks, and recommendations. There is no shortage of information available to security professionals.

However, this might just be the problem. It can be quite hard to create a sound strategy as all this information has become a ‘fog of more’ in which competing options, priorities, opinions, and claims might cloud judgment which leads to corporate inactivity.

Our security strategy design methodology elaborates on how we can let the fog evaporate.

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In our webinar on September 17th, we will introduce to you a methodology to proactively develop a security strategy, tailored to your organization, that you, as a security professional, can communicate to and have approved by your top management.

What will be discussed during this webinar?

• Trends and developments in the security landscape
• Pillars of a security strategy
• Security strategy design methodology

Blog Series

This blog is part of a blog series providing guidance towards security professionals that must create a sound security strategy for their organization, as well as to inspire security professionals to take a proactive approach in order to place security on the agenda of top management.

So be sure to keep track of our website!

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