The benefits of a continuous assessment mindset of your cybersecurity posture

The benefits of a continuous assessment mindset of your cybersecurity posture

Crucial to securing an IT environment is having independent security experts validate your current measures and guide you through the steps towards  a robust security posture. These assessments optimize the effectiveness of an organization’s security controls, policies, and configuration. When performed at regular intervals it is called a continuous assessment. 

What is the advantage?

A one-time assessment is a snapshot of an organization’s security posture at a given moment. But the rapid rate of change means that assessments can quickly become obsolete. Daily IT operations with their constant stream of (security) measures & controls, reconfigurations and creating new apps or users all affect an assessment’s outcome and action points. Continuous assessments and prioritizing risks are a requirement to adapt to your ever-changing environment and priorities

Continuous assessments can cover user access, application permissions, device & server health, configurations, open threats, and risks which expose an organization. By identifying these vulnerabilities and risks, a cybersecurity assessment can help an organization take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of a successful attack. A hidden feature of the continuous assessment is they often help track changes and measure evolutions which in turn determines future business actions.

How often?

At Toreon, we recommend a quarterly, a half-year or annual assessment of critical assets with a higher impact and greater likelihood of compromise. Assessments for full environments (e.g., cloud, on-premises networks, developing environment, security & risk strategy) are minimally recommended to have an assessment yearly, implemented recommendations can be more easily followed up to finetune and manage outcomes.

Scenarios that also benefit from additional assessments: 

  • A new service, IT system or networkdeployment
  • New available security controls
  • Major update of an IT system or security component
  • Switching or upgrading Operating System on a device/server
  • New major business initiatives
  • New major IT initiatives
  • Merge or acquisition of an organization

Because IT and security change constantly, regular assessments matter——especially if you want security that protects and performs.

Toreon can help your organization achieve optimal security across multiple domains.

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