Increased number of cyber incidents in the maritime industry

Increased number of cyber incidents in the maritime industry

Cybersecurity: a topic that is constantly evolving. Any business that wants to stay relevant today must go digital, this comes with security risks. Last year, for example, the number of cyber incidents in the maritime industry rose by a staggering 400%.  

This increase is partly due to the Corona crisis, which has caused a large segment of personnel to work remotely, and to the interconnectivity between the IT and OT systems in maritime cyber environments. As a result, several international bodies, such as IMO and ENISA, introduced measures and guidelines to protect the future of technological advances within the maritime sector. 

Boost your cybersecurity with a maritime risk management system 

Using a risk management system is a requirement, but however, implementing such a system can be risky. It lays the foundation for the steps to be taken in the future to protect the company and the budgets that should be allocated to do so.  

Toreon relies on the Cyber Risk Management for Ports guidelines for maritime clients. The program is designed so that it can be directly incorporated within the ISPS framework and meets the requirements of the NIS legislation. 

Setting up a risk management system provides a solid foundation after which you can further build a cyber secure future on the risk management system independently.

With the support of the Flemish governments cyber security grants, eligible SME’s are easily able to accomplish this. 

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