Heilig Hart Lier

Cybersecurity support for Heilig Hart Lier during the corona crisis

Heilig Hart Hospital Lier is a general hospital with an extensive range of healthcare services and a broad regional reputation. With more than 1,100 employees, it provides care to 68,000 patients in the emergency unit each year and has more than 450 beds permanently available. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19, the hospital has changed the range of care it offers in order to cope with the further spread of the virus.

Despite the heavy pressure that the hospital and its staff have endured during this crisis period, they remain a target for cybercriminals.

Thanks to the “WEHELPOURHOSPITALS” coalition, the Heilig Hart hospital was given the opportunity to call upon various experts who are voluntarily committed to securing the critical IT infrastructure of hospitals.

For example, the security specialists of the Antwerp company Toreon screened the entire data network of the hospital and subjected several critical IT systems to the highest security controls. The hospital feels strengthened by the voluntary support and screening of Toreon’s security experts and would like to thank them explicitly for this.

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