Accelerating growth with a majority stake in Data Protection Institute

Accelerating growth with a majority stake in Data Protection Institute

Toreon adds extra fuel to its growth through a majority investment in training offered by the Data Protection Institute (DPI). Specialized in giving training that revolves around three core disciplines–data management, information security, and data protection–DPI remains a separate company with independent experts.

Both the Covid crisis and ongoing news reports about the misuse of personal data and ICT systems are causing companies to rethink the need for training. Co-founder and CTO of Toreon, Sebastien Deleersnyder, is assisting Data Protection Institute (DPI) in their expansion. In the first phase, Toreon will strengthen DPI’s offer with security training.

Deleersnyder is working with DPI to develop a brand-new training program for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). DPI customers will also have access to Toreon’s current training sessions, including the internationally renowned Threat Modeling.

“Our Threat Modeling training is highly regarded in the international security sector. For the past five years, Black Hat USA 2021–the most well-known cybersecurity conference–chose this training,” said Deleersnyder.

The 3D-training Program at the Data Protection Institute

Data management, information security, and data protection—these are the three disciplines that form the basis of DPI’s training sessions. The “3D” is a nod to the fact that data is central to all three, forming a veritable “3D” model.

“The courses are not only a unique learning experience that brings disciplines together, but the broad spectrum of participants leads to fascinating conversations. An expert with a background in teaching moderates the discussion—the secret to our success,” explains Peter Berghmans, CEO of DPI.

Later this year, DPI will also offer training courses that specifically focus on data management. says Deleersnyder, “Once this training program is in the portfolio, the 3D model is ready. I have always drawn energy from devising and developing courses. Now that Toreon has secured Alex Driesen as its new CEO, I am able to redirect my focus and invest time into DPI. The mandate and objectives within DPI also make up part of my role as Toreon’s CTO.”

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