Why hackers won’t save you (even) in 2020 (and what to do about it).

Why hackers won’t save you (even) in 2020 (and what to do about it).

The most important challenges for you at a glance.

Official figures from the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium for the year 2019 speak of a tripling of the number of attacks compared to the previous year. Just as in 2019, in 2020 hackers will once again succeed in successfully attacking companies of all sizes and in all countries, even though the potential dangers have been known for longer than today. After all, we invariably see the same pattern: companies only really take action after an attack. Then they call in external specialists such as Toreon, (ideally) notify the regulator, promise to do better in the future and compensate damage to customers or suppliers.

Although a sound incident response plan is also important, these companies could have taken the necessary measures to prevent or mitigate an attack with a fraction of all costs in advance.

Towards a real business model

Both the number of incidents and the severity of the impact have been on the rise for many years. In 2020 this trend will not stop, not only from a statistical point of view, but also and especially because we notice that hacking has become a real business model nowadays. Hackers of all kinds offer their services under the flag ‘hacking-as-a-service’. Preventing this is therefore mainly a healthy business decision and the best way to make it more difficult for the ‘companies’ in this ‘market’.

Most important trends

As security specialists at Toreon, we identified the key trends you should be preparing for in 2020:

  • extortion (ransomware),
  • the extraction of user data (phishing)
  • the theft of sensitive data (data leaks)
  • System shutdown (denial of service attacks)

Don’t wait any longer to analyze what is still missing in your security strategy and to take action against these dangers!

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