Updated advanced threat modeling training premieres at Black Hat USA 2019

Based on our successful trainings in the last years, Toreon releases an updated advanced threat modeling training in première at Black Hat USA 2019 with even more excercises and examples. This year we introduce an extra section on “offensive threat modeling” as part of pentesting.

Minimizing the gap with the real world

As highly skilled professionals with years of experience under our belts we know that there is a gap between academic knowledge of threat modeling and the real world.

In order to minimize that gap we have developed practical Use Cases, based on real world projects. Each use case includes a description of the environment, together with questions and templates to build a threat model. Using this methodology for the hands-on workshops we provide our students with a robust training experience and the templates to incorporate threat modeling best practices in their daily work.

Want to know more?

Download our white paper “Threat Modeling done right’ and discover the four steps of Threat Modeling and more.

Some feedback from our Black Hat training attendees:

“Sebastien delivered! One of the best workshop instructors I’ve ever had.”

“Very nice training course, one of the best I ever attended.”

“I feel that this course is one of the most important courses to be taken by a security professional.”

“The group hands-on practical exercises truly helped.”

“hands-on labs are very well designed and the solutions are also very smart!”