Threat Modeling Practitioner Training

Threat Modeling Online

or virtual Whiteboard Hacking training

Threat Modeling Practitioner Training

We created a hybrid online training we will teach you to become a threat modeling practitioner; how to threat model, and “build in” security as part of your secure development practice. This training is a blend of self-paced digital preparations with action-packed hands-on live labs delivered by our threat modeling experts.

hybrid threat modeling training

This training is online, taught in English, and involves 24 hours of materials (self-paced and live labs) over of 2 months.

Discover the full training description on our subsidiary Data Protection Institute training page here.

Training registration

Since 2021 we deliver our threat modeling training through our subsidiary Data Protection Institute (DPI).

Discover and register for our new Threat Modeling Practitioner training on the DPI website.

Customer testimonials

“Sebastien delivered! One of the best workshop instructors I’ve ever had. (Black Hat training participant)”

“I took Whiteboard Hacking training with Sebastien and it really helped me understand how to threat model properly. I don’t think I have found any other training to be as comprehensive or deep and Sebastien provided relevant examples. I would highly recommend this training to others interested in Security. (Jeevan Singh, Engineering Manager, Application Security at Segment)”

“Just finished your excellent Threat Modelling course, led by Steven Wierckx together with colleagues from all over Europe. It was really great, and comes recommended from my side to anyone interested in developing IT systems that are secure by design. (Fedder Skovgaard, Enterprise Architect at”

“I feel that this course is one of the most important courses to be taken by a security professional. (Black Hat training participant)”

“The group hands-on practical exercises truly helped. (OWASP training participant)”

“Toreon’s comprehensive Threat Modeling training has enabled several Trend Micro R&D teams to identify software security risks at the design phase with a structured approach. (ChiChang Kung, R&D Architect at Trend Micro)”

“Modern, comprehensive threat modeling techniques. (O’Reilly training participant)”

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