The trusted partner in information security for the government

Committed to security at federal and regional level

Since its foundation, Toreon has been a trusted partner for the government in the field of information security. As a 100% Belgian company, we are committed to security at federal and regional level.

We support our customers in making well-considered decisions in a rapidly evolving world where technological innovation sets the pace. Together with our customers, we strive to control security risks in a cost-efficient and manageable way.

For government agencies, we focus on delivering:

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance, including GDPR compliance
  • Security architecture services: our architects help you to organize architecture in a more secure way, making choices that conform to your security policy
  • Cloud Security : the journey to the cloud is important for the government. We guide the way in setting up security to protect important people and data

Some of our references

Federal Government

The following contracts can be used to acquire consulting services in cyber security or information security:

Smals-BB-001.010/2019: this framework contract can be used by all federal public services to acquire fixed-price projects and consultancy under management. Download the file.

Smals via Pro-Unity platform: for the acquisition of nominative consultants (based on CV) for directing assignments (see Pro-Unity).

I-City for assessments (of applications, networks, systems, cloud security, governance) and help in resolving security issues: security roadmap, GDPR, security governance setup and technical help: if you are a member of I-City, you can make use of this contract. Please contact us at for more information.

Flemish Government

Toreon was one of the first IT companies to receive the recognition of the Flemish government ‘kwaliteitsregistratie voor dienstverleners binnen Werk en Sociale Economie’. As a result, our training courses are recognized as professional training.

The Flemish Government can acquire our services in cybersecurity and information security through the VDAB framework agreement with reference number 2018/10707. This contract offers the possibility of purchasing fixed-price projects and consultancy under direction.

wp ransomware

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Protect your organization against ransomware

Your concerns

  • Increase maturity
  • Create visibility
  • Business Continuity
  • Increase awareness

Our services

  • Security Maturity Assessment
  • Expert Assistance
  • Board Advice
  • Technical Assessment
  • Awareness Sessions

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