Steven Wierckx

Unlocking the Power of Threat Modeling: A Self-Paced Introduction for Stakeholders

Threat modeling is a vital aspect of software development and cybersecurity, but it can be a challenge to fully understand its importance and how to…

An interview on threat modeling with ChatGPT

Steven takes a look at the popular ChatGPT, is it as impressive as people say?

Adapting risk calculation to your needs

The core idea behind risk calculation is that it should allow an organization to score different elements in an objective, repeatable manner. However, these parameters…

Examining attack tree tools, how do they compare?

In this article we tackle two Attack Tree tools and comepare them. Are they worth using or not?

7 advantages of penetration testing

Time to take a closer look at the 7 benefits pentests have for your company.

Toreon sponsored the Cyber Security Challenge 2019

This year Toreon was one of its main sponsors, with a booth in the venue and its own ‘Toreon challenge’.

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