Laurent Dupont

The Cyber Resilience Act: what it means for your company

The CRA promotes innovation and cybersecurity in European digital products. Learn how your company can comply with applicable standards.

NIS2: what does it mean and how do you become compliant?

In the fifth episode of The Wide Open, we welcome two experts, Jasper Hooft and Thomas Dejagere, who delve deeper into the NIS2 Directive within…

Threat Modeling Insider – February 2024

February’s Threat Modeling Insider edition features a guest article by Ive Verstappen, who provides 3 scenarios for transforming a Cornucopia Card into a product backlog…

Threat Modeling Playbook – Part 2 Embed threat modeling in your organization

In this series of blogs, we unravel the complexities of creating a successful threat modeling strategy

26/03/2024 – Toreon Cyber Café

We’re excited to announce the third edition of our Cybersecurity Café, an evening filled with cybersecurity insights!

CYSSME: European money for SME cybersecurity

The European Commission has incorporated the newly established CYSSME collaboration into its Digital Europe funding programme.

25/01/2024 – Toreon Webinar: How to prepare for the Cyber Resilience Act

Join our webinar on the Cyber Resilience Act for a deep dive into the context, implications, and the right proactive measures​

TMI newsletter 27 – Unleashing the Power of Threat Modeling

In this Summer edition, Brook Schoenfield shares his insights on a wider adoption of threat modeling practices, in terms of tech challenges, risk problems, leadership,…

TMI newsletter 26 – The AI Attack Surface Map

In our May edition of the TMI newsletter we show off The AI Attack Surface Map, a resource for thinking about the various attack surfaces…

TMI newsletter 25 – Developer-driven threat modeling at OutSystems

In this edition, we get a take a look at the Developer-driven threat modeling at OutSystems

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