Jasper Baes

The Importance of Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Guide for CISOs

As a CISO, it is crucial to understand your responsibilities when it comes to cloud security. The cloud offers numerous benefits, but it also presents…

Lessons from Microsoft’s Azure App Misconfiguration

Toreonite Jasper Baes takes a look at the Microsoft’s Azure App Misconfiguration and sums up what we can learn from it.

Protecting the front door to your Microsoft cloud environment

As businesses continue to shift towards cloud-based operations, it’s crucial to ensure that your online systems access is properly secured. One key tool is Conditional…

The benefits of a continuous assessment mindset of your cybersecurity posture

In this blog, we cover continuous assessment and the benefits that it brings to the table.

How to protect your organization from application consent attacks

Microsoft has been warning organizations for so called consent phishing attacks, we explain what these attacks are and how we plan to stop them.

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