Toreon joins the Belgian Pavilion at European Utility Week in Paris

The energy clusters Flux50 (Flanders) and TWEED (Wallonia) organize the Belgian Pavilion at European Utility Week in Paris from 12 until 14 November 2019. This large Pavilion hosts 14 Belgian companies who work hard to design the energy systems of the future and to implement their solutions in Europe! This year, Toreon will be present for the first time.

Pitching the need for a mini-NIS at LECs

On 14 November we will host a pitching session at the Belgian Pavilion. During this pitch, we will address the need for a mini NIS legislation for Local Energy Communities.

For Energy Communities, on a smaller scale, there is no real security standard to be followed like NIS. This means that local grids can be impacted by an attack on one of the internet-connected devices on their grid, which impacts a specific (small) community. The impact such events could be huge if no necessary processes and procedures are in place on how to protect against and handle such events. Toreon developed a single package that tackles security on an SME scale, from scanning the vulnerabilities, assessing risk and coordinating the implementation of security measures.