Threat Modeling Playbook

Threat Modeling Playbook

up your threat modeling game!

Threat Modeling Playbook

You need a game plan to bootstrap or improve your threat modeling practice. We will explain how to do this and will provide your with our Threat Modeling Playbook. This playbook provides the main steps to establish a threat modeling practice for every type of organization or development team, regardless of your size and maturity level.

With threat modeling you consider, identify, and discuss the security aspects of your products in a structured fashion, and in the context of their planned operational environment.

We will release the playbook under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license and donate it to the OWASP Threat Modeling project for our community to use and improve it.

Our playbook will introduce you to the essential steps of threat modeling. We will explain our iterative and incremental threat modeling method that you can integrate in your development and deployment pipelines for more secure products.


In our upcoming webinar on 10-September we explain how to improve your threat modeling practice and build more secure products.

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