Webinar AMA on Threat Modeling

Ask me Anything on Threat Modeling!

Join me next 5-Nov for an open Q&A session

Online - 5 November

Join our webinar on Thursday, November 5.
We will go live at 5 pm CET in Europe, which is 11 am EST or 8 am PST in the US.

This will be an “Ask me Anything”(*) session with our Black Hat trainer and CEO Sebastien Deleersnyder. We will at least cover the following questions:

  • What threat modeling tools do you recommend?
  • How do I scale threat modeling in my organization?
  • How do I convince my DevOps team to do threat modeling?

Bring your questions and fire away! This is the webinar that’s all about your questions on Threat Modeling.

Sebastien Deleersnyder

Seba is co-founder, CEO of Toreon, and a proponent of application security as a holistic endeavor. He started the Belgian OWASP chapter, was a member of the OWASP Foundation Board, and performed several public presentations on Application Security.

With a background in development and many years of experience in security, he has trained countless developers to create software more securely. He leads OWASP projects such as OWASP SAMM and the new OWASP Threat Modeling Playbook, thereby truly making the world a little bit safer. Now he is adapting application security models to the evolving field of DevOps and is also focused on bringing Threat Modeling to a wider audience.

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What participants say :

“Sebastien delivered! One of the best workshop instructors I’ve ever had.”
(Black Hat training participant)

“Very nice training course, one of the best I ever attended.”
(Black Hat training participant)

“I feel that this course is one of the most important courses to be taken by a security professional. “(Black Hat training participant)

“The group hands-on practical exercises truly helped.”
(OWASP training participant)

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