Information security foundations training – based on ISO 27001

Do all of your colleagues know how to handle your company’s confidential info? Is your receptionist not thinking twice about giving out personal contact information? Is the board completely aware of all the risks regarding online information or how a ransomware attack could cost?

Securing information is important on all levels of the organisation.

But where to start?

This two-day course teaches you the basics of information security. It provides a clear and complete overview of the field of information security as laid out by the ISO 27001 standard.

Target audience

This course is suitable for:

  • anyone active in the field of information management
  • entrepreneurs and start-up managers, for whom some basic knowledge information security knowledge is essential
  • young professionals starting a career in information security


This course explains the basics of information security in a clear and understandable way. No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Overview of the course

The Toreon Information Security Foundation Course provides IT, governance and business professionals with the fundamental basics for the establishment of an information security management system (ISMS).

The course provides a thorough theoretical overview on

  • information security principles
  • how to perform an information security risk assessment to get an idea of the risks you are facing
  • which information security control measures can be implemented to mitigate these risks
  • how to structurally embed information security within your organization.

The information security principles and best-practices are brought to life with lots of practical examples and a security case that requires you to actively use the acquired knowledge.

Day 1 Day 2
·       Security Principles

·       Risk Management

·       Approach and organization

·       Security Measures

·       ISMS Case

·       Legislation and Regulation

·       EXIN accredited Examination


Course Material

Each student receives:

  • The book “Foundations of Information Security – Based on ISO 27001 and ISO 27002”
  • A copy of the courseware
  • EXIN Sample Foundation exam

Examination and certification

At the end of the course, every student has the opportunity to conduct the EXIN exam to obtain the Information Security Foundation Certificate. EXIN is a leading global independent exam and certification institute. The EXIN certificate objectively demonstrates the acquired knowledge of the student.

The Certificate EXIN Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27001 is a part of the qualification program Information Security.

The next steps on your road to becoming an Information Security Expert are the courses ‘Information Security Management Professional based on ISO/IEC 27001’ and ‘Information Security Management Expert based on ISO/IEC 27001’. Toreon provides the follow-up expert courses to obtain these certificates as well.


1.100 euro / person (VAT exclusive).

This includes:

  • Two-day supervision and training by an Information Security Expert
  • All course material
  • The exam at the end of this course
  • Catering

The KMO portefeuille is available to support your training.

Outcome of this course

Once you successfully completed this course, you are able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of information security
  • Recognize relevant stakeholders
  • Perform a risk analysis
  • Determine the context of an organization regarding information security
  • Identify relevant assets in the context of information security
  • Understand the 114 control points of ISO/IEC 27001

The newly obtained certificate is proof that you are now able to understand and perform all of the above.

Data & Practical information

This course takes place at the Toreon headquarter: Grotehondstraat 44, 2018 Antwerp. In-house training is possible as well. Let us know you if you want to plan one at

Check here for our course dates and how to register.