The 6 top cybersecurity risks in the healthcare sector

The 6 top cybersecurity risks in the healthcare sector

The digitization within the healthcare sector is going very fast. The development of electronic patient records (EPD), sensor and tracking technology for the follow-up of people in need of care, automation of processes and communication, and the increasing support of big data analysis for diagnoses are some of the many examples of the increasing importance of ICT within this sector. This trend is also clearly visible when we look at the start/scale-up landscape in Flanders, where Health Tech is the undisputed market leader in Belgium.

In combination with a stricter legal framework (NIS, GDPR) this evolution presents the healthcare sector with many Cybersecurity challenges. For example, every player within this ecosystem must guarantee security in its own way, from secure development by the digital start/scale-ups to securing integrated systems within the major healthcare entities.

Toreon took a dive into the available literature and identified the top risks.

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