Security Governance and Privacy solutions

At Toreon, we don’t believe in paper compliance. We are specialized in providing practical security governance and privacy solutions. Of course, we know ISO 27001  (and other frameworks) and the GDPR in-and-out.

But that’s just the start.

Our Governance and Privacy experts and our technical security specialists work with your DPO, security people, software developers, ICT operations staff, HR people, marketing crew… to make these high level rules very practical and to-the-point.

We provide ‘Security and Privacy by Design’ and embed these principles in your organisation’s processes.

This way, compliance isn’t a temporary status, but an organisational mindset!

ISO 27001 Maturity Assesment

Not quite sure where your company stands when it come to ISO 27001 compliance? You may have done quite a bit to improve cybersecurity, put a lot of controls into place, but lost the big picture?

We can come in and assess your current security maturity and tell you exactly what is needed to get you on track toward ISO compliance and possibly certification.

We assess your current situation, using the ISO standard as a guide and create a roadmap for your future efforts to get security governance on track.

ISO 27001 Implementation & Certification

We provide the expertise and tools to help your company upgrade its information security maturity, by implementing ISO 27001 as an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

With the guidance of our experts and some focus from your own executive team and staff, Toreon will get your company ISO certified. We provide tools and templates, help to write policies, and guide the implementation process.

When you are ready, we will do an internal audit as a check to see if you are truly ready. We have a partner that is able to perform the official audit. We will assist you all the way!

And… we are also experts in the integration of GDPR compliance into ISO 27001 based policies, killing two birds with one stone!