Security Architecture Solutions

You may know what compliance rules to follow, but aren’t able to translate those into the right controls and actions. These high level rules are not worth much if they are not implemented in IT operations, architecture and design.

Or you implemented lots of security measures, but don’t really know which problems they solve and whether you’ve covered everything.

Our Security Architects practice Holistic Security. They are well versed in compliance norms. They can use that knowledge and their understanding of your business needs to truly integrate Security and Privacy into your  processes. They make sure IT operations works according to the rules and that IT change management, design and architecture take into account the level of security your business needs.

This way, any change to the IT environment will not create a gap in security or affect your compliance standing. Security checks are built into the processes.

That’s ‘Security and Privacy by Design’!

Reference Architectures

New strategies around Cloud, Bring-your-own-device, flex working, tele-working and others have huge effects on how people use IT resources.

How can you make sure that your current level of security and compliance isn’t compromised when you enact big changes in the way your business (and IT) works?

Our Reference Architectures help to set the security boundaries for your strategy. We will combine your business goals with our knowledge about security and privacy to develop the big picture of how your environment should be set up.
The reference architecture that we develop, can then be used as a touch stone whenever an IT system or application is developed or purchased, to make sure that any new addition maintains your security level and your compliance standing.

Our reference architectures help you make the big decisions first and then serve as a guide for the years to come.

Security roadmap

Ever so often, it’s time to look at what IT has accomplished, where it stands right now and to think about the goals for the coming years.
Security is always a part of this exercise.

Our architects help to design the security strategy for the next few years to come. This involves understanding exactly where security stands today and getting to know the business and IT strategies.
The IT Security Roadmap we help to build, takes into account the compliance efforts, business risk strategy and budget constraints. We then aim to provide the maximum in security benefits for your investments, with a combination of technical, people and process oriented projects to execute.
We prioritize security initiatives based on the risk of the problems we find and the resources (people and budget) needed to fix them. This allows us to focus on low hanging fruit for a quick improvement in ICT security.

Toreon is an independent partner you can trust. This means that we can look at the market with you and without prejudice, to find the solutions that benefit you the most, based on our roadmap.