Penetration Tester

Penetration tester


Companies that want to remain relevant and want to move forward are confronted with security and data threats within the digital world. Toreon makes digital progress possible by mapping and eliminating security risks. In this way we ensure that companies can continue their business with confidence in a secure digital environment.

We identify the digital risks within the organization and guide the customer to eliminate these risks. Because we are independent, the companies can count on our integrity and expertise to provide the best customized solution. We have only one goal in mind: making working together in the digital world a lot safer.

As a partner in digital security, we listen and ask the right questions to clearly formulate the precise needs. Our people are driven by knowledge and focused on collaboration. Through internal coaching and training we increase safety and expertise within Toreon and our customers. In this way we take steps together towards a digital progress.


As a Penetration Tester, you verify the security levels of our clients’ networks and applications. Using your creative technical skills, you can think of original ways to circumvent the protective measures that have (or haven’t) been applied. You find ways to get into and exploit their crown jewels.

Our clients will come to you for security advice whenever they make changes in the network, system and application architecture. You will be the one to assess the risk of these changes and propose a safe way forward.


  • Your job is to find possible exploits in- different computer systems and software.
    Conduct security tests on web-based applications, mobile apps, networks, and other types of computer systems.
  • Actively perform intrusion tests for our clients
    • Internal Intrusion Tests
    • External Intrusion Tests
    • SCADA Intrusion Tests
    • Social Engineering Tests
    • Application and Web application Intrusion Tests
  • Perform security reviews of application designs, source code and deployments as required, covering all types of applications (web application, web services, mobile applications, thick client applications, SaaS)
  • Conduct security audits from both a logical/theoretical standpoint and a technical/hands-on standpoint.
  • Being able to establish the viability of a particular set of attack vectors.
  • Researching known vulnerabilities within their clients’ software and hardware stacks.
  • Although it is necessary to run pre-determined types of tests, you will also be designing your own scripts, tests and processes for a large portion of the time. This requires creativity and imagination, along with excellent technical knowledge and know-how.
  • Assess the ability to detect and respond to cyber attacks.
  • Document trace of detailed work performed. Fill out assessment reports on what was discovered. Translate this into a comprehensive report for the customer.
  • Take ownership of customer communication.


  • You are ready for your next move and want to take up the challenge to be part of a motivated security assessment team.
  • You are ambitious, have a passion for security, want to learn more and teach others.
  • You are flexible, hard working and loyal.
  • You are analytical, structured and responsible.
  • Able to work independently and to deliver results.
  • You are able to communicate effectively with both IT and business people about cybersecurity matters.
  • Uncompromised integrity: Respect the confidentiality of both client and company information.
  • You are expected to be flexible in your work and your time management. You perform penetration tests and provide consulting to our clients and will work around their schedules. In return, we will be flexible towards your needs.
  • You consider pizza to be brainfood.


  • As a cyber security professional you have the necessary knowledge of current best practices combined with out-of-the-box thinking to help our clients addressing the challenges they face in mitigating their cyber security threats.
  • Good knowledge of ICT systems, networks and security technologies
    • Operating system security
    • Mobile application security
    • Voice technologies
    • Wireless technologies
  • Good (technical) writing and presentation skills (Dutch, English, French).
  • Able to work independently and to deliver qualitative results.
  • Able to withstand background check in order to attain ‘BE Secret’ clearance and FANC nuclear clearance (aka you are not a terrorist).
  • Good understanding of network concepts and architecture.
  • Proven experience in IT Security and Penetration Testing.
  • Expert knowledge of common pentesting/hacking tools.
  • Experience in web development is considered a plus.
  • Deep analytical skills and structured thinking.
  • Consultancy experience is a clear plus.


  • Bachelor/Master degree or equivalent by experience
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in IT security and preferably experience with application security testing.
  • CISSP training and certification
  • Certifications in penetration testing (OSCP, OSCE, GIAC Gx or equivalent)


At Toreon, we are all about people (and their brains). We help our team members to develop themselves to be better experts, better professionals and better team players.
We are dedicated to sharing and expanding knowledge. Although we maintain a fun filled culture at the office, we are very serious about our clients’ needs.

The package:

  • A good salary based on experience.
  • A Flexible Income Plan to optimize your needs (extra vacation days, bike leasing,..).
  • A big training budget.
  • Budget for a car, PC/MAC, phone, meal vouchers, insurance.
  • You get a dynamic team in a stimulating learning environment.
  • You are invited to a lot of knowledge sharing events and stimulated to organise your own.

You are always part of a Toreon-team working at our clients. You work with senior and junior people with different backgrounds. This will help you to learn from the best and become a better-rounded consultant. We take our people’s needs and amibitions into consideration when assigning projects.
Show us your sense of quality, integrity and responsibility and we will allow for a very flexible job that fits your personal and family’s needs.

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