Our analyses bring true insight in the state of your security, on all levels. Whether we are talking to the Board of Directors, the CISO, CTO, IT architects, developers or your other collaborators, our security analysis is always in the right language. We provide a real view to where you stand now and a clear vision to the road ahead.

Technical Assessments

Our experts test your systems and find the weaknesses that hackers love to exploit, before they do! Our expertise extends to any system in your IT environment: website, application, servers, WIFI and LAN, Mobile application and API.

We also have a team that specializes in operational technology (OT). We test your production environment (SCADA, PLC & IoT devices) for flaws that can seriously impact your business.

Social Engineering

Security awareness is key. Our ethical hackers try to lure your employees into giving away their information. We send phishing mails to your people and see who bites. Or we casually leave USB sticks around the office and verify who decided to use one.

Threat Modeling

We can Threat Model any system, application, architecture, or production site.

Threat Modeling is the best way to avoid risks in your systems upfront by bringing your high-level risk model to the design table in a straightforward and effective way. Threat Modeling allows you to make the right security decisions when designing your system, so you can avoid problems later. Threat Modeling is an expert-guided, collaborative effort that brings IT and business to the table. It allows for true ‘security by design’.

Security Maturity Assessment

Maybe you want to get a bird’s eye view on cybersecurity. Or you’re worried about security, but don’t know where to start? Our security governance experts will analyze your organisation’s risk profile. We use international frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework and CIS top 20. We ask the right questions, then provide a complete roadmap to what security domain to work on.

Privacy Assessment

Using our knowledge of the legislation around privacy (GDPR), we assess your current situation regarding the handling of personal data. Besides your legal compliance, we have a particular knowledge of how IT systems should handle this data. With our expertise in information security, we are especially good at finding out if you deploy ‘adequate security measures’, as described in the GDPR.

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