We advise all those who need it in the organization: Board of Directors, management, IT and regular users. We adjust our language to our audience to reach maximum impact.

Advice to Board of Directors

The board of directors of any organisation works with financial risk, but is usually not in the know when it comes to cyber challenges. We provide high level expertise and awareness to board members so they know what questions to ask and how to think about cyber risk. This way, they can get a grasp on security and feel confident and knowledgeable about the cyber risks their organisation may face.

ISO27001 Certification

ISO27001 is the internationally accepted way of organising your Information Security Management System (ISMS) and bringing control and continuous improvement to your security management. ISO27001 certification is the best way to show your clients and business partners that you are serious about security when handling their data, systems or applications.

Privacy (GDPR) Implementation

Our privacy experts know which security measures and processes to implement in order to handle the privacy of your collaborators or your clients properly. We help you with your GDPR compliance on the IT level, after legal has had its say. We analyse your IT environment, recommend changes and make sure IT is educated and on track to support your compliance. Our cybersecurity expertise makes us especially competent where legal is not: to make sure you deploy ‘adequate security measures’ as described in the GDPR.

Expert Assistance

If you need an expert in a particular field of security, or you need to tackle a very important security problem, you can count on our experts to help. We bring knowledge and experience to the table and are willing to transfer that knowledge to you. We can do workshops or work one-on-one with your people to solve your security problems.

Ransomware & Fraud Protection

Ransomware is the number one threat in the digital landscape. Financial fraud has taken on a definite digital component: fraudsters use digital tools and hacks to get around your processes, find your weaknesses and defraud your company. Both ransomware and financial fraud can be remedied using basic technical controls, leveraging the tools that you undoubtedly already have. And of course we need to focus on the awareness of all your collaborators.

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