We have an enormous amount of expertise in the field of cyber security available to our clients. We discovered that we can have the maximum amount of impact by not just providing consulting, but rather thru coaching in our fields of expertise. By coaching your people, we can make sure they and by consequence also your company, truly grow in security maturity.

Application Security Coaching

Our application security experts onboard your development teams and your critical applications. Together, we find your security champions and coach them to become leaders in ‘security by design’. We can install a complete ‘Secure Development Life Cycle’ (SDLC) using techniques and controls such as Threat Modeling, penetration testing, code analysis, coding and deployment guidelines. Any application you create will be up the highest standard in security. And you will have the documentation to prove it.

Architecture Coaching

It is hard to prioritize security improvements in IT security. Our architects use a coaching approach to analyze and prioritize the security improvements you need most and can budget. We focus on manageable sprints and the maximum transfer of knowledge to your own IT personnel.

We don’t only make sure security controls are implemented properly. We help you to introduce security and risk management in your architecture process, vastly improving the quality and reliability of any new system your IT department creates or procures.

GRC Coaching (Governance, Risk & Compliance)

Many of our clients are willing to implement security and privacy governance, but don’t have the necessary knowledge in-house. Meanwhile, this is usually a full time job that is best handled by an insider who knows the business. Our experts provide coaching to your Security Officer, DPO and to your whole organisation in order to introduce security and privacy governance with impact on the organisation.


Our training sessions range from technical subjects such as ‘Secure Coding’, to risk analysis techniques like ‘Threat Modeling’ and governance subjects such as ‘ISO27001 implementation’ and ‘NIS for critical infrastructure’. Our trainers are people in the field, with up-to-date knowledge and experience. Our trainers take these courses worldwide. We make them available to you in-house at your company or in open sessions.

Awareness Sessions

Whether the subject is privacy protection, ransomware protection, anti-fraud or basic security hygiene, your collaborators are key stakeholders in security. They are also usually the weakest link. Through workshops, presentations, talks and online training, we bring awareness to your collaborators, turning them from security weaknesses into security assets that strengthen your organisation’s security profile.

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