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An annual security and hacker conference providing two days of open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society. BruCON offers a high quality line up of speakers, security challenges and interesting workshops. The conference tries to create bridges between the various actors active in computer security world, included but not limited to hackers(*), security professionals, security communities, non-profit organisations, CERTs, students, law enforcement agencies, etc.


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide not-for-profit organisation focused on improving the security of software. Its mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organisations are able to make informed decisions. Operating as a community of like-minded professionals, OWASP issues software tools and knowledge-based documentation on application security to individuals, corporations, universities, government agencies and other organisations worldwide.



Tetra is a program of the Flemish government for practical research by colleges and integrated education in universities for companies and social profit. The primary target are their research groups. The accepted projects have an impact on the economic activities of Flemish organisations and can also deliver a (partial) solution for social challenges.



AIOTI is an alliance of Internet of Things initiated by the European commission in 2015. The alliance itself consists of commercial organisations and institutions, both large and small companies. The main focus is the collaboration between its members and external organisations to build an ecosystem to promote and innovate in the domain of IoT.


The SANS Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organisation. Its programs now reach more than 165,000 security professionals around the world. A range of individuals from auditors and network administrators, to chief information security officers are sharing the lessons they learn and are jointly finding solutions to the challenges they face. At the heart of SANS are the many security practitioners in varied global organisations from corporations to universities working together to help the entire information security community.



LSEC, an internationally renowned Information security cluster, is a not-for-profit organisation that has the objective to promote Information Security in BeNeLux and Europe. Founded by the University of Leuven (K.U. Leuven), supported by the European Commission and leading a unique pan-European Private partnership that interacts with Public Institutions, LSEC connects security industry experts, research institutes and universities, government agencies, end users, funding bodies and technical experts who are driving national and European research agendas. LSEC activities aim to raise cyber security awareness, support innovation and competitiveness of the European IT Security market and promote the visibility of its members.