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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Healthcare providers face a double challenge. They’re confronted with increasingly strict compliance requirements related to privacy and critical infrastructure. Meanwhile, hackers are threatening their operations on a daily basis.

Toreon will help their clients with taking strong security measures, defining their security strategy and budget resulting in the client elevating their security maturity.

Public sector

The trusted partner in information security for the government

Since its foundation, Toreon has been a trusted partner for the government in the field of information security. As a 100% Belgian company, we are committed to security at federal and regional level.

Learn how to make well-considered decisions in a rapidly evolving world where technological innovation sets the pace.

Utilities & Industry

Your OT needs just as much security as your IT

Since the NIS directive came into place, awareness increased not only at the companies in the utility production, transmission, or distribution sectors but also with hackers who have become more aware of potential gains and where to strike. On top of the growing cyber threats in IT, the industry also faces the difficulty of legacy OT environments that are increasingly connected to networks and servers in the office environment.

Learn how to protect your production-critical assets, find out where the risks are and address them and set up your cybersecurity according to the ISO/IEC270001 standard.

Software builders

Keeping one step ahead in building resilient digital solutions

Software builders obtain a better view on their security posture thanks to our services. By combining technological and governance advice tailored to developers, our solution can be fine-tuned to different security domains depending on your needs.

Start assessing your security maturity, define your priorities and empower your security defenders with best practices to keep one step ahead in building resilient digital solutions.

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