Microsoft Cloud security.

Unsure if your Office 365 (O365) or Azure deployment is safe?

Let our experts check.

We have a ton of experience checking and building secure cloud deployments.

Putting your data in the Microsoft cloud makes sense. Cloud systems are always kept up-to-date. And your data can be automatically backed up. That’s great!

But there are some new problems that raise concerns:

  • Is your data properly encrypted online?
  • Are your people logging on securely to the cloud (using strong authentication?)
  • How many administrators have you defined?
  • Are connections to remaining legacy systems (like local Active Directory) in order?

Our team has all the necessary tools at hand to run a complete check of your cloud deployment.

Furthermore, our experience in security governance allows us to link your cloud security setup to any security standard you may want to follow (ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS,…) and of course we check for GDPR compliance too.

After a thorough assessment, we can give you a roadmap with all the necessary actions to finish a secure deployment. And of course, we can make sure the necessary changes are handled properly.

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