Toreon Insights

Download our insights and gain a clear view on cybersecurity

Whitepaper remote operations

Read about some use cases of remote access to ICS/OT environments and learn what could go wrong if these environments are too accessible.

Product sheet Software builders

Download our product sheet on how to get  a better grip on your cybersecurity as a software builders and learn more about our methodology.

Product sheet Zero-Trust assessment

Download our Zero-Trust assessment product sheet to embrace digital transformation with confidence, and grow resiliently.

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Product sheet Identity and Endpoint protection

Start assessing your Identity & Endpoint maturity, define your priorities and empower your security defenders with best practices to keep one step ahead.

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Product sheet Cloud Information Protection and Compliance

Protecting and governing important data is more challenging than ever. Download our product sheet to learn how to improve the management of important data.

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Whitepaper 8 actions against ransomware (Dutch)

Learn how to protect your organization against ransomware with these 8 steps through our whitepaper (in Dutch).

TM done right
Whitepaper Threat modeling done right

Threat modeling is an essential step in the development of your application. Without it, your protection is a shot in the dark.  Discover in our whitepaper how to do threat modeling right.

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Whitepaper Cybersecurity Trends 2020

As security specialists at Toreon, we identified the four important trends you should be focusing on in 2020.

cyber risk oversight 2020
Handbook: Cyber-Risk Oversight 2020

Read up on the key principles and practical guidance for corporate boards in Europe.

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Whitepaper Medical Device Threat Modeling

This whitepaper describes Threat Modeling in the context of creating secure medical device systems.

Threat Modeling Playbook

This playbook provides the main steps to establish a threat modeling practice for every type of organization or development team, regardless of your size and maturity level.

ISO27001 Implementation

ISO27001 certification is the way to show that you are serious about security. Download our product sheet and learn more about ISO27001 and our methodology.

PIVOT Insights (In Dutch)

The PIVOT project provided us with a massive amount of new insights. Raise the cyber awareness in your organization through these tutorials, presentations and our whitepaper.

TOR_WP Toreon white board hacking survival guide-01
Whiteboard Hacking Survival Guide

This survival guide is a companion to our whiteboard hacking trainings. The guide provides you with practical guidance and examples that you can rely on when starting your threat modeling workshops.

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