ICS Security

Industrial control systems (ICS) are at risk. Historically these systems and components were analog and mostly standalone devices that never touched the enterprise IT side of the organisation. Nowadays most industries require remote connections for monitoring and controlling ICS. They want to enable true automation and big data analysis.

ICS or OT (Operations Technology) environments are rapidly being connected to IT networks. This increased connectivity opens OT networks up to a variety of security issues and potential attacks. These dangers are well known to the IT department, but hardly under control. Meanwhile, ICS devices themselves are increasingly getting attention from security researchers and attackers. They have proven to suffer from their own very serious weaknesses.

Apart from the technical connection, OT and IT professionals have to get involved together on a personal level to discuss the running and security of the industrial processes.

Toreon can help with this. We have extensive experience working in both ICS and ICT environments and can bridge the gap. We provide security governance knowledge and help to control technical problems. Our approach is based on the IEC62443 and other applicable standards. We create policy, test ICS equipment and design robust systems and networks that effectively protect your critical environment.