Ethical Hacking

An Ethical Hacking test performed by our ethical hackers is a great first step towards higher security maturity.

Our tests are a mix of automatic and manual actions that don’t leave any stones unturned. They provide a great view of your current situation when it comes to cyber security.

Our reports are clear and practical and can be used to baseline your security going forward. If you want, senior experts can come in and present the results in clear and uncut language to anyone who needs to know them. This is a great way to shake things up and get security on the rails and budgeted.

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Are you a software developer?

If you develop software yourself, testing should really be part of a mature Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Let us know if we can partner up to ingrain testing into your normal development and testing processes. And take a look at our application security offerings to really improve the maturity of your development team.

Security posture check

You know that security is important, but you have a limited view on your risks and limited resources to spend?

We can give you a leg-up.

Our Security Posture checks are designed to give you a wide view of the security of your internet facing websites and other services. The Posture Check is a non-intrusive, first check of your resilience and delivers advice to fix up your defenses in the very short term.

Application penetration test

During a penetration test, we perform a deep check of the security of one digital service or application. We developed our test scenario specifically to analyze your mission critical services and chart the most important risks they face.

We base our methodology on accepted standards like OWASP, SANS and NIST, to cover as much ground as possible and make sure we find all important vulnerabilities in your applications.

We then analyze the problems we find, relate them to your business context and deliver practical advice for the short and long term. You get an in depth, practical report. And if you need it, we can provide a certificate to also show to third parties what the level of security of your software is. This will help you to prove to clients, auditors and other external parties that you are serious about security.

By the way, all our ethical hackers are GDPR aware, so they will also check for GDPR compliance of your application.