Innovation is a strategic initiative at Toreon. It comprises the development of solutions in the short term, leveraging our knowledge into reusable, valuable products (solution development), and also the development of solutions based on cutting edge new technologies (R&D).


Digital identities on the blockchain

Digipolis, the IT provider for several belgian cities, including Toreon’s hometown of Antwerp, hosted a great event on 24/5 around identities on the blockchain.

Most important subject was the creation of ‘self-souvereign identities’. These allow individuals to take control over their identity and the dissemination of personal information. Trust in a person’s identity can be established by allowing ‘attestation’ by trusted parties to accumulate.

Great use cases were presented, with my personal favorite from TYKN ‘s Tey Al-Rjula, showing an optimistic picture of how blockchain based identity can help in natural disasters and with refugees or other paperless individuals.

Inspiring to see projects that try to lift people out of misery and give them control over their destinies!