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Toreon teams up with AIOTI to improve security awareness in the IoT space

We at Toreon have a strong focus on the security of Internet of Things (IoT). During our technical assessments, it became clear that a lot of IoT devices are built without basic security in mind. The principle of security by design seems farfetched. That is why we decided to join AIOTI and become actively involved in their workgroup focussing on IoT standards and security.

AIOTI is the European Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation, initiated by the European Commission in 2015. The members of the alliance are commercial organisations and institutions, both large and small companies. Its goal is to foster the collaboration between its members and external organisations to build an ecosystem that promotes innovations in the domain of IoT.

It’s been repeatedly demonstrated that IoT devices provide an easy access to hackers. Just think about the Meraki DDOS attack which involved 1,5 million IoT devices, mostly IP cameras, which generated 665Gbs of traffic. Yet, there is no safety label or certification to distinguish a safe from an unsafe device so consumers have no guidance when buying a WiFi router or smart TV. They just assume that their devices are safe. The AIOTI workgroup we joined has as goal to change that.

It’s our ambition to make recommendations to the EC on how to:

  • evaluate existing IoT security standards
  • create new security standards
  • create certifications or safety labels to indicate the safety/security level – usable for the public
  • analyse gaps in standardisation
  • consolidate the architectural frameworks and reference architectures in the IoT space
  • Securely integrate devices and their cloud platforms
  • Protect the personal data of the various categories of stakeholders in the IoT space.

These recommendations will form the foundation for IoT standards and policies imposed by the EC upon manufacturers. Security certification can help consumers make an informed decision on what to buy. There is still a lot of work to be done, but at Toreon we are committed to contribute to the realisation of a safer IoT, as it will determine our future and that of our children.

To be continued!