Application Security Testing for QA (3 days)

Quality Assurance processes usually verify that the system meets its functional and nonfunctional requirements, but does verify the security aspects of the product. This course is designed to teach the QA personnel how to test for major security vulnerabilities and identify security bugs as the last line of defense before the product is delivered to the customer, as part of the standard QA testing.

The objectives of the course are to teach QA personnel about application security vulnerabilities and how to perform security testing, and by that increasing the amount and quality of test cases that can be performed by the tester. The course will introduce the tools & methods that should be performed by the auditor in order to efficiently find vulnerabilities and reducing the false positive / false negative rate.

Following a successful exam at the end of the course each student will receive a certificate for successful completion of the course.
The training material and online lab environment are provided by our partner AppSec Labs.
 Toreon provides several experienced trainers that teach these courses in Dutch, French or English. Courses can be organised on-site or off-site.