A day in the life of Cedric Tanghe

A day in the life of our trainee Cedric

As with any other job or internship, my day starts off in pretty much the same way. After getting up and having breakfast, I begin with checking the usual: e-mail, chat messages, calendar, … and Yammer. Only to see that my colleague Dirk has received yet another Microsoft certificate. Resulting in the realization that my lifelong dream of catching em all and becoming a Microsoft Certificate Master, is still far away… 

Currently, my job as a Toreonite Trainee consists of two major parts: assisting on projects and studying. The assisting on projects part depends on the skills I have acquired at the time. For now, because of my degree, these projects are more GRC focused with ISO and GDPR implementations as examples. Soon, these types of projects will vary more. And that is where the study part comes in. For the time being, this takes up the greater part of my dayBased on a curriculum, I expand my knowledge on GRC, soft skills, ethical hacking, … and of course achieving those Microsoft certificates.  

With my knowledge expanding, my confidence growing and my curiosity increasing, I hope to make my mark in the field of Cybersecurity. 

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